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A fleet of Allied Aircraft Carriers has been mobilized in order to destroy the Soviet navy in the Atlantic Ocean. Yuri's PsiCorps must infiltrate and destroy the base from the inside to prevent the United States from gaining the upper hand in the sea.
- Mission description

Operation: Shipwrecked is the fourth mission of Epsilon Act One campaign. While technically an Epsilon mission, the only Epsilon units controlled by the player are two PsiCorps Troopers and an Engineer. At the very beginning of the mission, the Engineer will steal an Allied Construction Yard, and the rest of the mission has the player using the American arsenal against them in order to sink their Aircraft Carriers and weaken Allied strength in the sea.


Proselyte, we have been called forth again again for a special task by the Soviets. Our comrades have captured the Naval Yards in Florida, and thus crippled the undeparted parts of the Atlantic Fleet. Furthermore, the tasks of Yuri's forces in America were revealed when he begun the Psychic Beacon project, and its successful construction in New York City. Unfortunately, things are reversing, and the Americans are gaining their second wind; they've even recaptured the Naval Yards in Florida.

High Command has requested our agents for the next task: the Caribbean Islands, taken a decade ago in the American Crusades, play host to the Caribbean Fleet, another large American fleet. They are preparing to move out and and link up with the devastated South American fleet. If they do so, this would directly hinder all Soviet access to the States by sea, and put the Psychic Beacons in danger. Yuri has requested you to move in with a few agents and put a stop to it. The Americans plan to set up an expansion base. Take control of it, and use it to produce an army to stop them. The Americans, for the moment, are still unaware of what mind control is, and will not understand why their forces are attacking them. Use this base to sink the fleet, and quickly; the Confederation lost nearly everything engaging the South American fleet, they won't be able to stop the Caribbean one if it gets to sea.

Objective 1: Capture Allied Construction Yard and build a base.
Objective 2: Destroy Allied Aircraft Carriers.
Objective 3: Finish off Allied forces.



The eastern Allied fleet has been dealt a crippling blow. They will no longer interfere with our plans. Your sneak attack has instilled fear among the American generals, who have reacted by holing themselves up in their bases.
- Yuri's message

With the Caribbean Fleet sunk below the ocean through a crippling blow dealt by the Proselyte, the PsiCorps can be relieved as their plans will no longer be interfered. In fact, the Proselyte's sneak attack instilled fear upon the American commanders who became paranoid and holed themselves up in their bases, much to the Proselyte's pleasure.

Despite this, however, the Americans managed to regain their momentum and struck a counterblow to the Soviet invasion. What's worse, the Soviets themselves begin to suspect Yuri for being responsible on the Stalin's Fist theft, locking his access to Soviet armament and forces him to acquire unused Soviet weapon designs for future use.



  • In the mission, while the player nominally plays as Epsilon, with Epsilon's UI and EVA, the Initiate survivors that emerge from their buildings are replaced by GIs since the first Initiates don't exist until Killing Fields.