A brilliant idea.
- A Siege Cadre with a wry sense of humor
The Siege Cadre is an Allied anti-structure infantry unit armed with a prism rifle, which is a smaller version of the Prism Tank's weapon, and wears thick armor which makes them immune to bites and scratches.


Following the Prism Tank's success as a siege weapon, efforts to create a miniaturized prism weapon quickly sprung up. The most successful attempt was the Comet Prism Rifle 00, which was quickly put into mass production. The Siege Cadres are men trained to use the rifle with pinpoint precision, allowing for devastating results on hardened targets and structures, as well as human flesh. Armored vehicles, however, have proven to be a problem due to the lack of charging coils in the prism rifle to increase portability.

Siege Cadres wear extra thick suits to protect them from any possible unwarranted discharges from their weapon. This has the beneficial side effect of protecting them from Attack Dogs, but at the cost of being affected by magnetic weapons.


Siege Cadres are specialized siege infantry, as their prism rifles are remarkably effective against structures. Their decent attack range and high precision ensures that they can accurately fire at enemy structures such as Gatling Cannons, Battle Bunkers and possibly even Tesla Coils (with proper micromanagement) without retaliation. Coupled with Navy SEALs and Guardian G.I.s, a group of Siege Cadres is capable of razing bases in a matter of minutes.

The plate armor Siege Cadres wear provides them a little bit more resistance to enemy fire. In addition, their plated suits also grant them immunity to Attack Dogs and Spooks. However, this also means that Siege Cadres are one of the few infantry units vulnerable to magnetic weapons. Unlike Tesla Troopers, their suits offer little protection to prevent enemy tanks from crushing and they are nowhere near as durable as other infantry that utilize plate armor. They are also vulnerable to other battlefield hazards such poison clouds, firestorms and radiation fields.

The Siege Cadre has decent mobility for an infantry. When loaded into an IFV, it gains extra mobility that allows one to harass and pick off enemy buildings easily while acting as an economical alternative to dedicated artillery units earlier on in the game prior to the construction of a Tech Center.

The major downside of Siege Cadres is that they are limited as anti-structure specialists. One cannot expect this prism infantry to deal significant damage to enemy infantry and armored vehicles. Siege Cadres are also vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons and air units. Rocketeers and Viruses are examples of decent counters against them.


  • Effective against enemy structures.
  • Decent movement speed.
  • Can outrange T1 and T2 defenses.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Can shoot over walls.

  • Ineffective against enemy tanks.
  • Deals mediocre damage to infantry unless in large numbers.
  • Cannot attack aircraft.
  • Vulnerable to magnetic weapons.
  • Lacking in versatility - only effective against buildings.


The Siege Cadre is voiced by Colonel Magus.

When selected

  • Lenses focused.
  • The best of the best.
  • Armed and ready.
  • Siege Cadre, reporting in.
  • Adjusting mirrors for optimal range.
  • Complete light spectrum.

When ordered to move

  • The future's looking bright.
  • A brilliant idea.
  • Fully advised and briefed.
  • Anything else?
  • Rising to the challenge
  • Working my way there.

When ordered to attack

  • Let there be light!
  • Taste the rainbow!
  • Let's see what this thing can do.
  • Show 'em the full spectrum of pain.
  • Prism power!
  • This will be a hit!

When under fire

  • We're dying here!
  • Not enough firepower!
  • Trouble!


  • In Mental Omega version 2.0, it was originally called the Enforcer and it used a slightly recolored model of the Desolator.

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