The Construction Yard is the primary base building of the Soviet Union.


The Soviet Construction Yard is the most important structure in a base. With it, a commander has the capabilities of constructing all Soviet buildings and defenses. This makes the Construction Yard a high priority target for enemies, and must be defended as such in order to maintain any major presence on the battlefield. A Construction Yard provides a small amount of power as well.


The Soviet Construction Yard is responsible for building the following Soviet structures and defenses:


Icon Structure Requirements Description
Tesla Reactor none
  • Soviet's basic power supply
  • Provides +150 power units
Soviet Barracks none
  • Soviet's infantry production structure
  • Infantry build time can be decreased by constructing additional Barracks
Soviet Ore Refinery none
  • Soviet's resource processor
  • Comes with a War Miner to begin mining operations immediately
Soviet War Factory
  • Soviet's vehicle production facility
  • Vehicle build time can be decreased by constructing additional War Factories
Soviet Naval Shipyard
  • Soviet's naval production structure
  • Capable of repairing one ship at a time
  • Navy build time can be decreased by constructing additional Naval Shipyards
  • Soviet's jet production structure and radar provider
  • Houses and rearms up to 4 jets
  • Aircraft build time can be decreased by constructing additional Airbases
Field Bureau
  • Soviet's technology enhancer and infantry imprisonment structure
  • Grants access to Tier 2
  • Brainwashed enemy infantry via Drakuv Prison Vehicle can be sent here to allow them to be trained at the Soviet Barracks
Nuclear Reactor Field Bureau
  • Soviet's advanced power supply
  • Provides +2000 power units
  • Explodes violently when destroyed
Palace Field Bureau
  • Russiaicon Russia's advanced technology enhancer and support power provider
  • Grants complete access to the Russian Tier 3 arsenal
Battle Lab Field Bureau
  • Confederationicon Latin Confederation's advanced technology enhancer and support power provider
  • Grants complete access to the Latin Tier 3 arsenal
Atomheart Field Bureau
  • Chinaicon China's technology enhancer and support power provider
  • Grants complete access to the Chinese Tier 3 arsenal
  • Has a nuclear reactor of its own, meaning it requires far less power than its equivalents but explodes violently when destroyed
Industrial Plant Any Soviet lab
  • Soviet's economy booster
  • Reduces cost of vehicles, ships and aircraft by 25%
  • Also produces funds similar to a Tech Oil Derrick
Iron Curtain Device Any Soviet lab
  • Soviet's support superweapon
  • After 6 minutes of gathering energy, it can render vehicles and even structures invulnerable for 45 seconds
Tactical Nuke Silo Any Soviet lab
  • Soviet's offensive superweapon
  • After 10 minutes of arming a single Nuclear Missile, it can be launched to devastate the oppressors against the Soviets and contaminate its target with deadly radiation


Icon Structure Requirements Description
Fortress Walls Soviet Barracks
  • Soviet's passive defense
  • Blocks infantry and vehicles from passing through it
Gate Soviet Barracks
  • Soviet's passive defense
  • Blocks enemies, but let friendly forces enter through it
Sentry Gun Soviet Barracks
  • Soviet's anti-infantry and anti-aircraft defense
  • Armed with twin chain guns to rip infantry
Battle Bunker Soviet Barracks
  • Soviet's garrisonable defense
  • Up to 6 Soviet basic infantry (Conscripts and Flak Troopers) can enter it to defend from enemy attacks
Flak Cannon Soviet Barracks
  • Soviet's anti-aircraft defense
  • Fires flak shells that make short work of aircraft
  • Deals splash damage in a small radius
Tesla Coil Field Bureau
  • Soviet's advanced defense
  • Discharges electric bolts that turn infantry and vehicles into ashes
  • Can be charged by Tesla Troopers to make it independent from power sources and increase its firepower significantly
Sensor Tower Field Bureau
  • Soviet's counter-intelligence defense
  • Detects hidden bombs, napalm charges, cloaked and disguised enemies in a wide area
  • Units marked by the spotlight take slightly more damage
  • Blocks the use of reconnaissance support powers around itself
Smoke Turret Battle Lab
  • Confederationicon Latin Confederation's support defense
  • Fires smoke screens at impending armies, severely weakening their firepower
Hammer Defense Any Soviet lab
  • Soviet's long range defense
  • Generates seismic waves to bring down approaching ground armies from a long distance
EMP Mines Atomheart
  • Chinaicon China's advanced hidden defense
  • Injures enemy infantry and disables vehicles when triggered
  • Deployed in clusters
EMP Control Station Atomheart
  • Chinaicon China's support structure
  • Charges the EM Pulse support power that disables vehicles for a long time when activated
Repair Crane Any Soviet lab
  • Soviet's repair structure
  • Repairs all damaged vehicles around it in short intervals
Iron Guard Iron Curtain Device
  • Soviet's support defense
  • Permanently renders all vehicles around it invulnerable
  • Only 2 Iron Guards can be present at a time

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