The Spy is the Allies' espionage infantry. While lacking any additional abilities, they are the cheapest infiltrator who can disguise as enemy infantry.


Espionage has been an essential part of warfare for millennia. Spies exceed in blending in and disguising themselves, allowing them to slip past enemy lines. Spies can provide a commander with invaluable assets when he infiltrates an enemy facility, but be wary of units that can detect them, as a Spy is unarmed. The Allied Spy is the cheapest infiltrator that can disguise.


Serving as the Allies' main espionage unit, the Spy's main purpose is to infiltrate enemy bases providing substantial benefits. Like other espionage units, they can disguise themselves to what infantry the commander need in order to slip past enemy lines. While lacking in special benefits compared to its new counterparts, it makes up for being slightly cheaper. To increase chances of successful infiltrations, Spies should be transported with either IFVs like the swift Stryker IFV or the airborne Stallion Transport.

Spy main advantages compare to its counterpart is their cheap cost.

As with other espionage units, the Spy can infiltrate an enemy building, but the effects will vary depending on the building:

However, Spies are vulnerable once discovered by the enemy commander. It also vulnerable to Dogs, Spooks and other units that can detect disguised Spies rendering them ineffective. Another downside is that a building protected by walls will block off Spies unless the wall is torn down.


In the campaign, Spies are never buildable from the player's Barracks, and when available, almost always serve to accomplish an objective in the mission. The enemy can build them normally. In addition, they are prohibited from infiltrating labs and Construction Yards in the campaign, unless if that's a mission objective.

  • In Peacekeeper, after the Tech Satellite Hack Center is captured, one of the player's PsiCorps Troopers will mind control the only Spy on the map, who must then be kept alive in order to infiltrate the Tech Center.
  • In the first part of Eagle Fly Free, Spies are tasked with infiltrating a Tesla Reactor to disable the Tesla Coils blocking the path of Allied soldiers.
  • The Allies have three Spies in Human Shield. All of them must be mind controlled by the player's PsiCorps Troopers, then infiltrate the Soviet War Factories on the map.
  • In Hammer to Fall, the Mining Facility must be infiltrated by a Spy before being destroyed by the rest of the Allied forces.
  • A Spy is given to the player at the beginning of Zero Signal. The player is instructed to use the Spy to infiltrate the Tactical Nuke Silo and buy more time before it fires, although this is not mandatory.
  • The first objective in Mad Monster is to contact a team of Spies located south of the players' starting position. Once they're found, they'll fall under control of the players and must infiltrate the Soviet Control Towers.
  • In Ghost Hunt, a few minutes after the MCV is secured, a Spy will emerge from the Mine Shaft if it has not been destroyed.
  • In Tainted Empire, a few minutes after the initial Chinese attack on the Kanegawa Headquarters is repelled, six Spies will be given to the player. They can be used freely.
  • At the start of Unthinkable, after battlefield control goes online, a Spy will be scripted to infiltrate the player's Radar Spire, causing shroud to be reset. This can be prevented by selling the Radar Spire as soon as possible.


  • Can disguise himself as an enemy infantry unit and infiltrate enemy buildings, giving an advantage over the enemy.
  • By infiltrating the enemy's tech lab and construction yard, you can gain access to powerful stolen tech units, and potentially change the game's outcome.
  • Using transports can help Spies travel across difficult obstacles and save time.
  • Cheaper than Saboteurs and Infiltrators ($800).

  • Unarmed.
  • Very fragile.
  • Mediocre speed.
  • Dogs, Spooks, Clairvoyants, Robot Tanks, Terror Drones, Fury DronesChitzkoi, Stingers, Roadrunners and Soviet Sensor Towers can detect disguised Spies.
  • Even without being detected, they can still be crushed by enemy miners or tanks.
  • If detected by the enemy player, any unit can be ordered to kill the Spy.
  • A lot of micromanagement is required to guide them safely into the enemy base.
  • Walls are obstacles for keeping out Spies from infiltrating structures.
  • Unlike other infiltration units, the Spy has no unique abilities.


The Spy uses the voiceset of the same unit in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, but with some unused quotes in the original game recycled.

When selected

  • Mission sir?
  • Commander?
  • Agent ready.
  • Give me a plan.
  • Ready to infiltrate.

When ordered to move

  • Indeed.
  • On my way.
  • Yes, commander.
  • Operation underway.

When ordered to infiltrate

  • Ready to infiltrate.
  • Obtaining intelligence.
  • Operation underway.

When ordered to disguise

  • Disguise ready.

When under fire

  • They found me out!
  • I've been spotted!


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