MO3 Stormbringer
The Pacific Front base with the new superweapon for the Allies, the Weather Controller




Part of

Mental Omega War




U.S. Virgin Islands


Allied victory

  • The first Weather Control Device becomes fully operational
  • Allied forward base in the Americas is established

PFicon Pacific Front
EAicon European Alliance

PCicon PsiCorps
Russiaicon Russia (mind-controlled forces)


Tickicon Protect the Weather Control Device
Tickicon Destroy all hostiles

Crossicon Destroy the Weather Control Device




Most Russian and PsiCorps arsenals




A surviving Pacific Front base sends an S.O.S. signal from the Virgin Islands, requesting assistance in protecting the device they've been working on while offering access to a rich array of new technology and arsenal in return. Siegfried's taskforce arrives to the rescue by the Chronosphere.
- Mission description

Stormbringer is the seventh mission of the Allied Act Two campaign. The Allies need their Weather Controller and despite the destruction of the Weather Crystals, the Pacific Front was finally able to complete the weapon. Its presence did not go unnoticed however, and now the enemy is coming to take it down before it becomes operational. As the commander of the Pacific Front forces, the Allied Commander must defend the Weather Controller from enemy attacks and use its devastating powers to destroy their bases.

The Suppressor and Skyray Cannon make their first appearance in this mission.


Shortly after recharging the Paradox Engine and retaking Tenerife from Epsilon forces, Allied Command received an urgent S.O.S. call from one of the few remaining safe Allied bases. It was located in the US Virgin Islands, controlled by surviving Pacific Front forces after Japan was conquered by the Chinese. Once Command were told that they had managed to successfully build a Weather Control Device, they send their most trusted field commander to protect the base.

The Allied Commander was relieved to be home at last, despite the circumstances. But there was no time to relax as the Pacific Front had reported PsiCorps were launching a full scale attack, along with mind-controlled Russian forces. Since the Paradox Engine wouldn't able to reach the base in time, it uses its on-board Chronosphere to send in Siegfried and a small task force of Mirage Tanks and Charon Tanks.


Defending the Weather Control Device

As soon as the small European force arrived, Pacific Front Intel got word of a nearby PsiCorps controlled Soviet base that was preparing to attack their position. They only had a few minutes before the invasion force arrived. Not wasting time, the Commander assisted in the construction of defenses around the Weather Control Device, which included several Skyray Cannons.

Reinforcements soon arrived in the form of Norio, who, after assisting the Russians back in Japan 2 years earlier, returned to the Allied side and assisted in the defense of the base. Considering the massive amount of open water surrounding the area, the Commander quickly built up a large naval force to counter any submarine attacks, as well as any naval unit that could bombard from long range.

The Commander also built up a considerable amount of ground forces in order to defend the choke points that led into the Pacific Front base. Using the few Mirages he had, he carefully placed them in strategic places for maximum damage against any incoming attacks from vehicles. After several minutes passed, more reinforcements arrived from the northeast in the form of Rocketeers and Destroyers.

The Pacific Front gave Allied Command blueprints to the Suppressor, an amphibious combat specialist that was capable of converting incoming damage into healing for friendly troops. The Commander built several of these Suppressors and placed them at certain points on the base.

After several more minutes passed, the enemy invasion force finally arrived from the south. Right away, the mind controlled Russians sent Kirovs and Akula Missile Subs to destroy the Weather Control Device, along with a sizeable Typhoon Submarine force to deal with the Allied fleet guarding the harbor.

Several Akulas tried to attack from the backdoor in order to weaken the defenses. However, Norio and several Elite Rocketeers managed to destroy them and their missiles before they could do any damage. After a minute had passed, another attack wave arrived. This time, the Russians had brought Zubr Transports, along with Seawolves as escorts, to attack the base via an amphibious assault.

The Commander was thankful he had planned ahead and used his hidden Mirages to attack the transports before they could hit the beach, drowning all the units that were onboard. Several Wolfhound Gunships soon arrived to deal with the infantry and vehicles guarding the harbor. However, Norio and the Elite Rocketeers, once again, managed to bring them down before any damage could be done.

PsiCorps soon got annoyed at the tight defense of the base and launched a Tactical Nuke, obliterating many base defenses and destroying several Pacific Front Power Plants.

The counter-attack

After thwarting the initial attack by the invaders, the PF commander had said that this wasn't the end yet. They sent additional Intel showing Epsilon forces down the south. From there, they activated the Weather Control Device and wiped out the small garrison force that was present there.

After that, they chronoshifted an MCV and several Tsurugis into the area, stating that the PF commander would resume command of the base. However, in return for defending the Weather Control Device with such bravery and honor, they gave the Commander a new taskforce, as well as giving him permission to use the Lightning Storm against Soviet positions, should he needed to.

He quickly establishes a base there, as he organizes his naval forces to regroup at his new position and strike at the Soviet base. The fight was long and heavy, many units were lost in the initial attacks due the mass amounts of defenses and ground forces in the enemy's base. However, with patience and cunning, the Commander managed to successfully bring down the the Soviet Base. It was soon left in ruins.

Attacking the Epsilon base

Yuri, disappointed at the Soviets attempt, dismantles the Psychic Beacon that was controlling them and releases the Russian forces from mind control. The survivors, confused at what to do, charged into the Allied defenses, and to their deaths, rather than simply trying to surrender. The Allied Commander sighed as he rallied his forces to attack and destroy the Epsilon base as well. The PF Commander had granted him permission to use another Lightning Storm to wreck the enemy defenses before commencing the attack.

The fight was, again, hard and slow. Many units were either lost or mind controlled by PsiCorps forces. However, with the patience of a hunter and the cunning of a warrior, the Commander was able to successfully fight his way to the Tactical Nuke Silo and destroyed it, preventing any more nuclear strikes against the Weather Control Device. He then cleared the base of Epsilon forces and the mission was complete.


Yuri's and enslaved Soviet forces no longer threaten the Pacific Front resistance in this region, making it a useful support base for us. With the newly acquired technologies we can proceed to effectively destroy the Epsilon positions and regain control.
- Battlefield report

Now that the Russian and PsiCorps bases were effectively wiped off the face of the map, the Pacific Front base guarding the Weather Control Device had finally been secured. Using this support base, the Allies could now regroup and rebuild their forces. With the newly acquired technologies in hand, they could now proceed to take back the planet from both Soviet and Epsilon control.




  • This mission is a remake and role reversal of Weathered Alliance, the tenth mission in the original Red Alert 2 Soviet campaign.
  • There seems an unknown bug exist which would cause the later Epsilon base (located in the northwest) to produce a massive number of Mandjet in the shipyard and stay doing nothing.

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