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For the current version, see Suppressor.
In Mental Omega version 3.0, the Allied Suppressor functions differently than its current iteration and is instead a stolen tech unit available after infiltrating an Epsilon Pandora Hub.


Suppressors are the small crafts that are the result of Allied scientists reverse engineering stolen Epsilon technology. Though the developers of the Suppressor remain suspiciously mute about the inner workings of the craft, its ability to turn the tides on the battlefield is readily apparent. Crewed by specially trained technicians, the Suppressor fires projectiles that mimic Epsilon’s psychic manipulation, leaving victims severely weakened and vulnerable to Allied firepower.

In order to pilot a Suppressor, applicants must first take mandatory training in order to provide resistance to the effects of the weapon they operate. This also ensures that the pilots cannot be mind controlled and forced to reveal the many secrets of the Suppressor.




The 3.0 Suppressor uses the same voiceset as the current one, which is voiced by Knoster.

When selected

  • Do you need something recalculated?
  • The limit does not exist.
  • Gotta study.
  • You've got a problem to solve?
  • Your efficiency will rise exponentially.
  • Suppressor here.

When ordered to move

  • Calculating statistics.
  • Formulaic.
  • Inducing friction.
  • I computed the pathway vector.
  • Many possibilities, only one choice.
  • Correcting the error.

When ordered to attack

  • They will be subtracted.
  • A mere anomaly.
  • Though you could outsmart me, huh?!
  • You have miscalculated!
  • Fire the lag cannon!
  • Okay, okay.

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