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The Scorpion Cell is under attack. The targets are not only their people, who are now fighting for their own survival, but also the secret chemical supplies, which Rashidi has gathered as a precaution. Now, as some of them have fallen into the hands of its enemies, the Cell's assassin reemerges.
- Mission description

Operation: Survivors is an Epsilon Covert Operations mission set after Obsidian Sands, where Malver assists the Scorpion Cell remnants to recover the neurotoxin technology in Libya.


Brother, the insidious Yuri has turned against us and is targeting our warriors throughout Africa. While most of our bases have been destroyed, a good number of us still survive. Among us is Malver himself, who led us into hiding when Yuri rained mayhem on our stronghold in Bissau. While we can't confirm Rashidi's fate, we must take action quickly. Rashidi came to a conclusion that Yuri would become a bigger threat to the world than we previously believed the Allies and the Soviets to be, and took precautions to ensure that we could stand against him in case of the worst; our neurotoxin that prevents Yuri's mind control from working - while lethal if used long-term, is still the most effective countermeasure we have right now. Unfortunately, Yuri has realized this much, and has begun to raid our neurotoxin production facilities. While a great portion has been destroyed, it would appear he has captured some of them, likely to study its composition.

Malver has chosen to lead us to one of such facilities in Libya, where we are to retake the facility from underneath the madman's nose. Having enough supply in our pockets might allow us to recreate the neurotoxin on a larger scale in the future. Retaking it won't be as simple as dealing with the PsiCorps forces stationed there, however; ever since the launch of their flying fortress, the Allies have begun deploying forces all across Africa. Move quietly, brother. With the neurotoxin, we may be able to trick the PsiCorps into believing our forces at the location are on their side, but the Allies will be hostile toward us.

Objective 1: Capture and extract the Neurotoxin from 7 Vats.
Note: Recapture the Scorpion Cell bases to increase your firepower.


Keeping a low profile

The toxin trade


It's me. I'm okay. I've heard. It seems thanks to your team alone we'll be able to preserve it. Perhaps with the help of our new allies, we'll be able to improve it. It's still deadly in the long run and we'll need more. Move it to where we've previously decided.
- ???'s message

With the required neurotoxin now secured, Malver and the remaining Scorpion Cell forces pulled out of the region and let Epsilon and the Allies duke it out with one another.

Malver soon received word from an unknown source (Presumably Rashidi) that they were fine and heard about the situation in Libya. They say that with the help of some new allies, they can improve the neurotoxin. While it remains lethal in the long run, they'll need more of it before this is over. They then inform Malver to move it to where they've previously decided.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 30000


  • Starting credits: 25000


Starting music

This music track always plays when beginning the mission. It can be changed in the Sounds menu.