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The Tactical Nuke Silo is the Soviets' superweapon capable of launching a tactical nuclear missile – basically a smaller version of the MIDAS – on their enemies.


For a long time, resolutions and treaties were created to limit the deployment of nuclear weaponry. Sadly, these agreements were cast out by the Soviets when they attacked the United States. The Tactical Nuke Silo builds, arms, and launches nuclear missiles. Infamous for its sheer destructive capabilities, the nuclear missile is an imposing weapon used only in the most dire of situations.

Tactical Nuke

The Tactical Nuke is the small "sister" of the MIDAS that, once fully prepared, can be launched anywhere on the battlefield to wipe out all enemies of the Soviet Union, especially the filthy capitalists, the traitor's followers or the so-called remnants.

While the MIDAS is a fusion nuclear weapon that sacrifices radioactive residue for increased explosive yield, the Tactical Nuke is a fission nuclear weapon which works in reverse; it is not as powerful as its bigger "brother" and leaves behind a field of strong radiation. Despite this, the Tactical Nuke is strong enough to reduce anything caught in its blast zone into ashes and the lingering radiation will slowly, but surely, take care of any unlikely survivors.


Notable appearances

The Tactical Nuke Silo is the most common superweapon in the war, appearing in many missions where the Soviets are involved.

  • The Tactical Nuke Silo is first useable by the player in Death From Above. Once the player's AI ally constructs the Nuke Silo, the whole base will be handed to the player's control.
  • In Zero Signal, the enemy Soviet forces start with a Tactical Nuke Silo with an increased cooldown of 35 minutes. Its destruction is one of the objectives of the mission.
  • In Sunlight, on Mental difficulty, the enemy Soviets will eventually build a Tactical Nuke. It will always target the topmost Gladius ABM unit, which will fall in a single strike without Force Shield.
  • The Tactical Nuke Silo becomes first buildable in Dragonstorm, once the Pacific Front base is revealed. If the player decides to build one, the enemy general Xiu Rong Wu will respond in kind by building a nuke himself in the Pacific Front base.
  • In Exist to Exit, while the Tactical Nuke Silo itself is disabled for construction, the player can use the Tactical Nuke once after Morales is evacuated. It is also unbuildable in Power Hunger.
  • In Paranoia, Tanya and Norio are tasked with destroying Yuri's Psychic Amplifier and two nukes in the area. Both nukes must be destroyed within 30 seconds of each other and before the Amplifier is destroyed, or else a nuke will launch and the mission ends in a failure.
  • In Thread of Dread, Yunru's base has no less than four Tactical Nuke Silos surrounded by Windbelts. They don't become active until a few minutes into the mission and cannot be shut down by cutting off their power. Once active, they'll prefer to hit the two Epsilon bases over the player's until the Epsilon bases are destroyed.
  • In Obsidian Sands (except on Easy difficulty), a nuke will be deployed when Rashidi says that he gathered enough troops and weapons to prevent the Proselyte from getting to the palace. On Normal, the countdown is 25 minutes long, while in Mental, this is reduced to 20 minutes.


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