The Tech Center is the Allies' advanced technology structure which unlocks their higher tier units and structures. It can also deploy the Black Widow support aircraft.


Together with the subfaction-specific technology expansion buildings like the Mercury Uplink, the Shield Command and Robot Ops Control Center, the Allied Tech Center unlocks the most potent technologies the Allies have to offer to a commander. The Tech Center also allows you to release the Black Widow unmanned aerial support vehicle. Additionally, if an Experimental Warpshop is present on the battlefield, the Tech Center will enable Backwarp and, if a Naval Shipyard has been built, a Sonar Pulse. Be mindful that the Tech Center is a comparatively fragile building, and should be well protected from both damage and infiltration by enemy spies.


The Tech Center is the indispensable structure into unlocking the full Allied Tier 3 arsenal, along with the respective subfaction's other technology expander. Otherwise, the Tech Center alone only grants access to Runways, Cryocopters, Spies and Barracudas. It is also the building that grants the following support power:

Icon Support Power Description
Black Widow For a fee of $1000, a cloaked but durable support aircraft known as the Black Widow can be sent to the enemy base to jam their radar and weaken their defenses, giving an opening to Allied forces to attack (especially aircraft, as the Black Widow also increases their armor due to a masking cloak). This support power has a cooldown of 7:30.

Allied commanders should never leave the Tech Center defenseless, as it is the prime target for infiltration and demolition because of its important role as the Allied Tier 3 expander.

Noticeable apperances

  • Tech Center is the objective of Epsilon mission Peacekeeper. By infiltrating it with a mind controled Spy, the Proselyte is able to prevent the launching of American Peacekeeper Missile.
  • Tech Center is the objective of Epsilon mission Think Different. The Proselyte must capture it before the second wave of Chinese army arrives.
  • Tech Center becomes a buildable structure in Allied mission Panic Cycle.
  • Tech Center is the first objective of Soviet mission Unshakeable. Soviet General needs to infiltrate it with his Saboteurs.
  • In the Soviet Co-Op mission Money Source, players are required to destroy 2 Tech Centers at the beginning, before another Tech Center could be built.
  • In the Allied Covert Ops Obstinate, the second objective is to use 2 KI Scientists to infiltrate a Pandora Hub and a Yuri-captured Tech Center.

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