The Tech Irradiator is a bizarre tech defense that spreads a large radiation field around itself, thus making it an effective area denial measure especially against infantry and light vehicles, though better armored vehicles will also eventually succumb to the intense radiation.

Commanders and proselytes have to be careful, as unlike Desolators and Eradicators, the Irradiator's constant radiation field cannot be turned off!


Built as an experimental device seemingly only for the purpose of spreading a large field of radiation around it, the Tech Irradiator is an odd defensive structure, yet lethal to infantry and lightly armoured units, perfect for stopping early rushes.


As the Tech Irradiator is simply a permanently deployed Desolator but more durable, it is particularly effective at area denial in the early game. In fact, it is the one of the only tech defenses that is capable of dealing with massed armies (preferably of weaker composition). Tier 1 infantry will never survive the irradiated area, and Tier 1 vehicles will be heavily damaged, especially if they attempt to destroy the Tech Irradiator.

While it is a great defense to capture early on, it loses its effectiveness as the match progresses, where aircraft and siege units are able to destroy outside of its range, and most advanced units are able to survive the radiation.

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