The Tech Machine Shop is a neutral structure that allows the owner's war machines to repair themselves on the field.


The Tech Machine Shop ensures that all ground, naval, and air units owned by the commander are repaired automatically. The more Tech Machine Shops you capture, the faster your units are repaired.


The passive benefit the Tech Machine Shop provides when captured makes it a commonly contested tech building in the early to mid game, particularly by commanders who prefer armor divisions or uncommonly, naval fleets and aerial forces. The auto-repair makes these 3 military forces not as dependent from constant repairs whether by specialized repair units (like the Soviet Repair Drone) or support powers (i.e. Risen Inferno of the Epsilon); therefore, their survivability is increased substantially and have a better chance in attaining veterancy. Additionally, the auto-repair of the Tech Machine Shop stacks with self-repair from Elite veterancy and/or the vehicles' innate self-repair ability such as the Mastermind, making them even more resilient when under fire. Though the vehicles can repair chip damage in a pinch, the auto-repair may not be enough to guarantee their survival when they are focus fired by the enemy.

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