The Tech Reinforcement Pad is a neutral structure that automatically provides the owner with a constant flow of reinforcements.


The Tech Reinforcement Pad is a unique strategic building, which, once captured, will provide you with additional armored forces through a paradrop every few minutes. Unlike the Airfield, the delivery of reinforcements is automatic and free, but will only happen near the Reinforcement Pad itself.


Reinforcement done as its name suggests, in which several Tier 1 vehicles are dropped on the Tech Reinforcement Pad, with the reinforcement's size depends on the owner's faction.


The reinforcements sent by the Tech Reinforcement Pad periodically are the following:

In Infantry Only mode, Tech Reinforcement Pads are replaced by Tech Maintenance Centers.


In Infantry Only mode, it was meant to paradrop the same infantry taskforce as Tech Airfields as can be seen in the rules file. This feature was later removed.

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