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The Allied occupation intends to launch the first Russian TV satellite into space as a sign of good will. Yuri commands his psychic troops to smuggle additional hardware aboard.
- Mission description

Television Lies is the first Epsilon cooperative campaign mission. Taking place a few years before the beginning of the Third World War, this is one of Yuri's first operations to undermine the Allied occupation of Russia.


One day, two proselytes were required to destroy the foundations of Allied reign in Russia. As a shameless sign of illusive good intent? the Allies were planning to launch the first of the next-generation TV satellites for Russian channels. As the Allies disabled all old Russian satellites after their victory in the Second Great War, this one would be the first in decades and a chance for the Soviets to send.. something else into space. With the powers of mind control, the PsiCorps should be able to have a local Engineer install special hardware onto the satellite pod without being noticed by the Allied occupiers.


"How 'bout the comfortable cage?"



After the completion of the covert operation in Baikonur, It is not know how long it has passed. Russia began to appear in various uprising activities against the American rulers, which caused the American forces occupying forces to withdraw from the Russian territory. This includes occupying forces within an old Soviet base in a place in East Ukraine. The central command decided to send two outstanding WSA heroes to perform another covert operation late at night...