Prepare for a rolling blackout!
- A Tesla Cruiser closing in on enemies
The Tesla Cruiser is a special heavy tank used by Russia.


The Tesla Cruiser is a fully tracked vehicle mounted with two small, turret-mounted tesla coils. Although they have shorter range and less lethality than their stationary counterpart, the Tesla Cruiser can still easily make short work of enemy vehicles and infantry. The Tesla Cruiser's coils can short-circuit tanks as well, temporarily disabling them. This makes the vehicle an ideal tank destroyer, but defenses and buildings will prove too tough for lone Tesla Cruisers to assault directly.


Tesla Cruisers are powerful tanks that emphasize the Russian attack doctrine: they're relatively fast, durable and hit hard when striking armor and infantry alike. Not only does their twin Tesla coils deal a strong amount of damage, but enemy vehicles hit will be stunned for a brief second. Because the range on the Cruiser is fairly good, it usually gets the first strike in against many of its enemies, where its micro-stun can help its comrades get in closer or pile additional shots on the enemy. Another advantage of its stunning power is its ability to sink certain vehicles over water, like transports or the Kappa Tank. For a monster tank, it has a somewhat reasonable cost, which means that it can be massed quicker than its more expensive counterparts like the Charon Tank or the Megalodon.

As part of the Russian arsenal, the Tesla Cruiser can benefit from the Overcharge support power, giving it a powerful boost its damage output for a brief period of time. When used properly, this can give Cruisers an edge in combat when outgunned or outmanned, and pairs well with Tesla Troopers and Volkov in the area-of-effect.

While they are fairly strong contenders against many threats, they are poor building killers, and they lack any anti-air weapons. Base defenses in particular give them trouble as they can take significant damage from them without making a dent. For this reason, it's often best to make sure that they are complemented with Rhinos and Borillos when assaulting enemy bases.


  • A group of Tesla Cruisers were sent as reinforcements in Road to Nowhere, marking their first controllable appearance in the Soviet campaign.


  • Highly lethal against infantry and tanks.
  • Weapon temporarily disable vehicles, applying a short EMP effect to them.
  • Can fire over walls and obstacles.
  • Heavily armored.
  • Can crush infantry and fire on the move. 
  • Can self-repair. 
  • Using Overcharge on Tesla Cruiser can temporarily increase its firepower by 50%. 
  • Hard counter for hover unit and Mastermind since its EMP serverly hinder their ability (Mastermind will release its controlled unit while hover unit will have to gone through their "wake up" animation). 

  • Cannot attack air units.
  • Not very effective against base defenses.
  • Susceptible to mind control, hijacking and confusion rays.
  • Vulnerable against aircraft and heavy anti-armor threats.


The Tesla Cruiser uses the voiceset of the Tesla Tank in Yuri's Revenge.

When selected

  • Generators humming
  • Wired for destruction
  • Capacitor at full charge
  • I have the power
  • Reading meters

When ordered to move

  • Positively
  • Efficient and clean
  • Maximum power!
  • That sparks my curiosity
  • Nothing wasted

When ordered to attack

  • Free hook-ups
  • No charge for extra power
  • Prepare for rolling blackout
  • Need a little boost?



  • The Tesla Cruiser resembles the Tesla Tank in Red Alert 3.
  • The Tesla Cruiser's ability of a short-lived EMP is a reference to the original version from Red Alert 2, where it is mentioned it could "short-circuit enemy vehicles" in the skirmish loading screen of the Russia subfaction, however, the ability was not implemented in the vanilla game.

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