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A Chinese Psychic Beacon has been captured by the very rebels it was supposed to control. As China calls for aid in resolving this crisis, Russia realizes unconventional tactics will have to be used in order to succeed.
- Mission description

The Lunatic is the tenth mission in the Act One Soviet campaign. The two cybernetic Heroes of the Soviet Union, Volkov and Chitzkoi, are tasked with escorting an unmanned, remote-controlled Kirov Airship through an army of mind-controlled Chinese soldiers to destroy the Psychic Beacon that is enthralling them.


With the Europeans pushed back by the relentless Soviet aggression following the MIDAS detonation in the Black Forest and the fall of Germany – save for a few remained in southern France, the Allies are forced into Britain as their last stronghold. The Politburo wishes to finally subjugate the Allies in a single masterstroke and decides to use their only MIDAS ICBM left – but the Gladius system protecting the coast of England forced the confident – but blinded by the Allies' determination to resist – Union to assemble their entire armada to complete the conquest.

Meanwhile, the Soviet General is called for another important task at hand. Recently PRC has reported that the ROC insurgents are using the PRC's focus on supporting the European theatre to resume their crusade, which resulted in the capture of – surprisingly – a Psychic Beacon, constructed by the communist Chinese to force the nationalist rebels into submission, but it spectacularly backfired when the ROC used it to turn the communists to the nationalists' side. The American scientists working with the General suspects that this particular Psychic Beacon's power was diverted to extend its range phenomenally, and the result is apparent – three PRC armies have defected to the ROC. As this could jeopardize the Union's conquest of Europe, Russia initially intended to simply obliterate the beacon with the MIDAS, but the Chinese will never allow such a thing, so the Russians had to resort to unconventional warfare by employing a remote-controlled Kirov Airship purposely steered to crash onto the beacon. To make sure it successfully accomplished the mission, the General was given Volkov and Chitzkoi for his command.

The General wonder how could the Chinese get their hands on such a powerful device, as only several of those outside the Soviet chain-of-command were even aware of their activities, and to others, it would appear as if the Americans willingly joined the Soviet cause. He eventually suspects Yuri as the one who can actually give the Psychic Beacon to the Chinese, but he has to focus with the mission at hand – he can investigate it later.


Escorting the Airship



The Psychic Beacon that have enslaving the Chinese population may have been destroyed, but this incident soured the Sino-Russian relationship. In fact, when the Russians questioned how the Chinese could have a Psychic Beacon, they deny of having built such a thing and angrily demands to know the reason for the Russian intervention which resulted in the Beacon's destruction.

Expecting something worse to happen behind his back, the General sends his forces to the KI Assembly in Japan to get to the bottom of this.




  • There is an engineer in the top right corner of the map, who is friendly and you can use.
  • When Yunru appears, she cannot be killed.
  • Interestingly, the mission ending triggers upon sending one unit into the cargo plane. This makes it possible to only send Chitzkoi onto the plane, leaving Volkov behind but still completing the mission successfully.