After months of moderate peace and quiet in the Soviet States of America an emergency alert is raised as the Soviets believe the rebel forces, the remnants of the Allied army, are planning a counterattack on Stalington using everything they've still got.
- Mission description

The Raven is the first mission of Soviet Act Two campaign.


It has been two years since the fall of the United States. The last remaining bastion of Allied resistance now hides behind the Gladius system protecting the United Kingdom from ICBM threats. China has been put in its place after they unsuccessfully tried to usurp Russia's place as the true leader of the Soviet Union.

At some point after the vicious battle of Primorsky Krai, the Soviet General moved into the U.S. – now renamed to the Soviet States of America (S.S.A.), and settled in nicely as one of the administrators of the region. Although many months of investigations done by the Soviet High Command didn't go pretty well, the sacking of Leninisk Cosmodrome proved that Yuri is the one behind the problems faced by the Soviets during the Third World War, and thus the General's name is finally cleared. Despite so, the PsiCorps still contributes in the Soviet campaign until recently, preventing the General from exposing their heinous actions. He suspects that Yuri wants the Union's enemies to think that the PsiCorps remains loyal to the Soviet cause.

The investigations over Yuri made the Soviets unable to fully keep the S.S.A. in check, and as the result, the Soviet influence is slowly waning; even Premier Romanov himself starts to believe that the Soviet supremacy in North America won't last much longer. The General is also concerned with this, but he had to stay sharp and focus on his duty for now.

Rumors of a major American rebel uprising in Washington D.C. – now renamed to Stalington in honor of Joseph Stalin – has began to surface recently. To confirm whether this rumor was true or not, the local commanding officers of the Stalington theatre, Colonels Krukov and Reznov, requests the General's help.


Investigating the communications post

MO3 The Raven White House

The Stalington White House

Krukov informed the General that a communications post went offline several hours ago. With no signal, they could not contact any other Soviet base in the S.S.A.

Krukov asked if they could investigate the area (since he was of lower rank) and find out what was going on? The General agreed to this and moved his taskforce, which was near the Pentagon, over to the communications post.

One of the bridges leading to the communications post was blown up. The General re-established contact with one of the forward bases just on the other side of the river. As a result, an Engineer was called in to fix the bridge so the task force could start moving again.

As they crossed the bridge, they re-established contact with the main base near the White House. Reznov contacted the General and gave him his thanks, saying that he was glad to see him again. He informs him that he had sent several scouts earlier to find out what happened to the communications outpost but they never reported back. Reznov told the General to be on guard as he suspected something was up.

Hold the line

As the General sent his task force over another bridge, he confirmed Reznov's suspicions: The US rebels had managed to take the communications outpost, cutting the Stalington garrison off from other Soviet forces in the S.S.A

As if things couldn't get worse for the General, they soon got warning that an attack was commencing immediately. Their previous intel had been falsified on purpose to lull them into a false sense of security.

Reznov and Krukov informed the General that the White House and Pentagon were their main army's HQ in Stalington. If they ever fell, things would be dire for the garrison.

As the General started to build up his forces, he was informed that the US rebels had set up a forward base not too far from the White House. He would need to move quickly or they would be overrun. Good news arrived in the form of the Iron Curtain, which the General would use to help support his forces.

More bad news arrived to the General: The US rebels had managed to get their Shipyards into the river. He would have to watch the waters as well as the land in order to avoid being surprised by attacks from Aircraft Carriers.

The General was then informed that their communications to the nearby naval base had been destroyed. As a result, only several Typhoon Submarines and Seawolf Air/Assault Vessels made it to the battlefield in order to assist. He was then advised to build more Naval Shipyards in the Potomac river in order to assault the rebels's naval base.

The fight was hard but the General managed to knock out the enemy shipyards, crippling their naval abilities. He couldn't quite rest yet as he had just a few more minutes until the reinforcements arrived. While the attacks from the rebels was strong, it wasn't enough.


The defense against the American remnants was proven to be successful. No enemy forces managed to breach through their lines and recapture the Pentagon or the White House. However, something wasn't right. As soon as the reinforcements showed up, the General saw a Raven flying over his outpost as he heard a voice inside of his head. Suddenly, he went unconscious after seeing vivid images of Yuri in his mind. Krukov and Reznov tried to contact the General, but couldn't get a response.


Fearing the worst, the two colonels began to enact a rescue plan to save their comrade-in-arms...