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In return for supplying a Psychic Beacon to China with which to suppress insurgents in their country, PsiCorps secretly makes a deal to have their troops transported to a Kanegawa Industries complex in order to steal certain technologies required for their next move.
- Mission description

Operation: Think Different is the seventh mission of Epsilon Act One campaign. While the player is nominally playing as PsiCorps, the mission is essentially a China vs. Pacific Front battle, as at the very beginning the Chinese commander will be mind controlled by the player (represented by the Soviet Construction Yard being captured by an Epsilon Engineer), who will then use the Chinese arsenal for the rest of the mission.


Yuri's Message: "It's been a while Proselyte, and you have performed admirably. Things are not looking good for our comrades in Kremlin - while organized resistance in America has fallen apart, that hasn't stopped legions of American militia from tying down our soldiers. Only the St. Louis Beacon remains, and with their Comrade-Commander away on other tasks, others have decided it is time to attack, and we will lose that beacon too. It's sad too, that Comrade mirrors you in a way, and your achievements. Another Commander, a particular stubborn American one, not only was the one that freed New York City and Chicago, but just recently hit our Union's primary MIDAS production plant. Interestingly, the High Command did not made this news public to Soviet Commanders. Fortunately, I foresaw enough that I acquired two of them in time, and erased the memory of them off most people. They will be needed as we move onto the next phase, a gamble with China.

The PRC entered the war, and is advancing into Europe with the Union, and along into Japan. While this is formidable, the rash PRC Command doubted the power of the ROC rebel armies still in the mainland, and they have launched their own gambit to topple Beijing. I helped our Chinese comrades by constructing a Beacon in their lands, and in return, they let us participate in an assault on a vital Kanegawa Industries facility. Their advanced tech will benefit us. When you arrive, take over the first wave's outpost they construct. Keep attacking - we need to get out before the second wave arrives, otherwise they will know we're just using them."

Objective 1 & 2: Capture the Allied Tech Center & destroy PF forces.
HINT - Destroying all buildings that are not defenses might make PF surrender.


Lying in wait

Take the Chinese forward base

Capture the Tech Center


We have released control over the Chinese commander responsible for the initial taskforce and had him report his success to his command. The second army has been diverted to another battlefield. This should give us time to cover our tracks.
- Yuri's message

Now that the Proselyte have everything the PsiCorps need, he released the Chinese commander leading the initial taskforce from the mind control and have him reported his success to the Chinese command, which results in the second army being diverted elsewhere, giving the Proselyte enough time to cover up his involvement in the attack.

Later, Yuri gives a direction for the Proselyte to have the ROC rebels capture the Chinese Psychic Beacon in order to turn the Comintern against each other and allows the PsiCorps to advance their plans further.




  • In the mission, while the player nominally plays as Epsilon, with Epsilon's UI and EVA, the Initiate survivors that emerge from their buildings are replaced by Conscripts. This is because the Initiate unit itself is not introduced (storyline-wise) until Killing Fields.
  • In 3.0, the infiltrate unit was Saboteur, and could be trained by Chinese barracks.
  • There are Jackal Racer prototypes in the northwestern corner of the KI complex (see Gallery), which hints the link between Foehn and Kanegawa Industries.
  • There is an easter egg in this mission where one of the billboards display an image from the anime Mirai Nikki (Future Diary).