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Intel acquired from the Chinese Military Headquarters in Shanghai reveals to the Soviets the existence of a fully automatized siege machine and an array of Iron Curtain-based weapons, developed by the Chinese scientist Yunru. They send forces to its location, only to find out they are already active.
- Mission description

Thread of Dread is the eighth Soviet Act Two campaign mission.



Establishing a foothold

The Soviet General acquires his Mobile Construction Vehicle but before he starts to construct his base of operations, he finds himself being pit with not just one but two more opponents: Epsilon forces and Chinese forces. With Epsilon present on the battlefield, he knows that this will not be easy. First, with two Epsilon bases surrounding him; this will put him on trouble. Second, multiple EMP Control Stations are deployed in the area, posing a problem for his armored strike forces. Third, Yunru has falsified multiple informations so this will also be more problematic for the General himself to handle the problem as there are more hindrances that escalates as time passes by. Finally, the presence of four Tactical Nuke Silos. The General himself had no other choice but to face the wrath of both parties head on. Moments later, Morales arrives via Drakuv and lends the General a helping hand. Not long enough, the Soviet high command decided to deploy a Stalin's Fist on Kashmir to provide advanced deployment of armored divisions on the battlefield anywhere so it will be easier for the general to mass produce vehicles and strike at enemy bases with ease.

The long hunt

Two squads of Saboteurs were later deployed to jeopardize the Chinese operation. Furthermore, Tactical Nuclear Silos are starting to arm themselves one by one, targeting both Epsilon and Confederation parties. Despite this, the Soviet General himself pay no attention although Epsilon Basilisks are now providing too much bothersome for him to the point he has to fortify more anti-air defenses on his base.


With the Mainframe captured, the Soviet General realized that there was now hope for the Russians in their struggle against the traitor Yuri. However, Yunru and the Centurion is nowhere to be found, although the General thought that the Epsilon might have destroyed it and captured her.

Just as it seemed the battle was over, the General received a transmission from an unknown source:

You will never take my home.

Seconds later, a MIDAS warhead – that the Chinese had somehow acquired for their own use – inside the Mainframe detonates, vaporizing the facility along the Confederation, Chinese and Epsilon forces in a flash of nuclear fire. Fortunately the General survived, although Morales didn't managed to escape the MIDAS' detonation in time.


The last MIDAS revealed itself – not lost, but stolen by the Chinese, hidden under the Mainframe. Yunru's, Morales' and lives of many were taken by this suicidal act which buried the advanced tech and the Centurion in the ground. This "Chinese campaign" is a fiasco.
- Battlefield report

It turns out that the Chinese did not actually destroy the last MIDAS warheads during the Sino-Russian conflict two years earlier, but rather stole it for their own use, much to the General's horror. With the destruction of the Kashmir facility through such reckless "fail-deadly" measure that costs countless lives on all sides, China's remaining advanced technologies as well as the Centurion is lost forever, and Russia and the Confederation is exposed as the ones behind the recent attacks on the Chinese mainland.

The so-called Chinese campaign turned out to be a fatal mistake and might be the beginning of the end for the Sino-Russian alliance and, by extension, the Soviet Union...



  • This mission is so far the only one where stolen tech units can be built: in this case Iron Dragons, which are unlocked by capturing a Chinese Atomheart or building one using a captured Chinese Construction Yard.
  • If the fog of war is removed using cheats, it can be seen that the Centurion left the battlefield through a tunnel as soon as the mission began.
  • The map of this mission is similar to a Fortress mode map called Stronghold Prime.

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