The United States of America (USA or United States) is one of three subfactions of the Allied Nations.

Official description

The United States wields potent laser technology with which to vanquish their foes, culminating in their ultimate weapon: a satellite network known as the ‘Mercury’ which can fire devastating laser blasts anywhere on Earth. Their use of such mighty precision weaponry has bled through into their entire war doctrine, making use of quick strikes with their blindingly fast aircraft, well trained Riot Troopers, advanced laser wielding tanks and their finest field operative: Special Agent Tanya Adams.

With the invasion of the Soviets, it has become critical for the Americans to be able to rapidly deploy their forces in any location. The deployment of troops via paradrops is an often used tactic in order to quickly reinforce a region or surprise an unsuspecting enemy.[1]

Previous official descriptions

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Version 2.0
Americans count on their sneaky, ambush-oriented, but also powerful units. During battle, they like to attack enemies suddenly and brutally, which is why they have decided to improve their assault technology and create powerful tanks that all armies are aware of. Special speed training and enhancement of units' mobility allowed American units to change their positions much faster and attack quicker than other Allied countries' armies do. USA spends most of their time on improving their fast and effective units. Recent gouverment support for infantry and pilot training ended with better-prepared American soldiers and pilots of Barracuda bombers.[2]
Version 1.2

Americans count on their sneaky and ambush-oriented units. During battle, they like attacking enemies suddenly, which is why they decided to improve their stealth technology and create powerful bombers which surprises the opposition when they come from nowhere and attack enemy positions, being undetectable by radar stations. Special speed training allowed American units to move much faster through the battlefield and attack quicker than other Allied countries do. USA spends most time on improving their fast and effective units. With help of Professor Einstein they managed to upgrade their Mirage Tanks, and other sneaky units.[3]

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Second World War

During the Second World War, the United States stayed out of the conflict for most of the war, only providing material aid to the Europeans, but ultimately decided to intervene on the side of the Allied Nations once the Soviets demonstrated their careless use of nuclear weapons against the Allies. When the Soviet Union lost, it was dissolved and the Americans occupied Russia, dismantling much of their arsenal (including nuclear weapons, nerve gases and the airforce) and occupying the country for several years to come, as well as placing a puppet leader, Alexander Romanov, in an attempt to avoid further destabilisation.

Third World War

Nonetheless, once the occupation ended, the Russians launched a surprise attack on the United States, whom they blamed for their defeat in the Second War, with the help of their new Latin Confederation allies. This invasion triggered the Third World War and changed the United States forever.

Mental Omega War

During this state, the entirety of the United States was under Soviet control, but remnants of the US military continued their desperate struggle in spite the death of the President. However, as Yuri reemerges from the shadows with his Epsilon Army, this became yet another crisis to handle.


The United States utilizes laser technology and precision strikes.
- United States loading screen

The United States relies on potent laser technology to vanquish their foes. The United States' laser weapons are considered to be one of the most accurate weapons the Allies possess.

The main strength of the United States' forces is its mixture of versatile units and precision strike weapons. Some units like the Aeroblaze, Stormchild, and Warhawk utilize laser weaponry with pinpoint accuracy and potent firepower. American armored divisions comprise of Bulldog Tanks, Stryker IFVs, and Abrams Tanks that have good maneuverability, making them effective units for harassment, hit-and-run tactics, and ambushes. The United States also makes use of its advanced Mercury satellite system: the Mercury Uplink, as well as the mobile Athena Cannon, calls down devastating orbital strikes on any designated target. Their damage potential can be further improved with the Target Painter support power that improves orbital targeting. The United States also boasts the best airborne assault forces in the war. After constructing an Air Force Command Headquarters with a Drop Control, an American commander can para-drop forces anywhere on the battlefield.

The United States trades survivability for speed and accuracy. Most of their special units have sub-par armor and mediocre damage output. Even the mighty Abrams Tank is not as powerful and durable as most of its heavier counterparts.






Support powers



  • Version 3.0 
    • Note: No longer has subfaction passive bonuses, but instead has new subfaction-exclusive units (e.g. Warhawk, Tanya) and support powers (e.g. Mercury Strike).
  • Version 2.0psi Patch 2 
    • Veteran unit changed from G.I. to Tanya.
  • Version 2.0 
    • Special Unit: Abrams Tank
    • Special Tactics: Ambush - Units & infantry speed +15%
    • Veteran Units: Barracuda, G.I., Navy SEAL
  • Version 1.0 Added.
    • Special Unit: Stealth Bomber
    • Special Tactics: Ambush - Units & infantry speed +15%
    • Veteran Units: Mirage Tank, Navy SEAL, Dolphin

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