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Time for a hellstorm!
- A Vulture pilot before dropping something "hot"
The Vulture is a helicopter used by Latin Confederation that can act as a support unit by releasing napalm payloads upon unlucky enemies below it.


The Vulture is a uniquely versatile helicopter, combining a fast attack chopper to chase and mow down infantry and light Kirov-like bomber unit when ordered to deploy. With its special napalm bombs, the chopper is capable of setting the ground below on fire, making it an effective barrier that impedes enemy infantry and light vehicles. Due to its paper thin armor, Vulture should be protected from even the feeblest of anti-aircraft forces.



  • The Vulture first appears in Death From Above. Four of them are available during the first part of the mission, and more can be built once the base is handed to the player's control.
  • In Huehuecoyotl, after enough time passes, Vultures will appear and start hunting for Rahn; the player is given a squad of Archers to fight against them.


  • Versatile unit which can engage air and ground targets.
  • Decent against infantry, light vehicles and air units.
  • Fast, mobile, and can fire on the move.
  • Decent armor.
  • Can drop flammable napalm payloads to create a firestorm, dealing fire damage to enemies directly below.
  • Napalm drop is also good against undefended, stationary structures.
  • Can self-repair.

  • Vulnerable to anti-air weapons.
  • Machine gun is not very effective against heavy armored vehicles and base defenses.
  • Napalm payloads can only be deployed under the aircraft.


The Vulture uses a modified voiceset of the Siege Chopper in Yuri's Revenge.


Behind the scenes

  • In 3.0 the Vulture didn't have the napalm drop but was able to deploy on the ground to fire smoke artillery which, unlike its Yuri's Revenge counterpart, the Siege Chopper (from which it is also based upon), reduces enemy unit firepower when hit by their smoke shells. This was reworked in 3.3 when the Smoke Turret was introduced.


  • The Vulture uses the Sentry Gun's firing sound from vanilla Red Alert 2 while the Mental Omega version had its own unique one.

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