Building Soviet economy!
- A proud War Miner driver
The War Miner is the main resource gatherer unit used by all Soviet factions. Heavily armored and armed with a machinegun, it aggressively ensures that nearby ore fields remain in Soviet possession.


Miners have played an essential role in warfare since the Second Great War. They collect raw minerals which can be processed at a refinery to generate revenue for the commander to fund his war effort. Heavily armored and immune to mind control, miners are difficult to destroy with conventional forces.

Heavy losses of ore trucks due to hit and run tactics by swift Allied tanks during the First Great War convinced the Soviets that their harvester units needed to have retaliatory capabilities. The War Miner's machine gun is not only effective against infantry and light vehicles, but is excellent at destroying enemy Terror Drones as well. Although War Miners can defend themselves from run-of-the-mill harassment, they are easily overwhelmed by anti-armor forces. The War Miner's ore storage is twice as large as the Allied Chrono Miner to compensate for the lack of mobility.


Armed with a heavy machine gun, the War miner gains the ability to retaliate against any opponent from any half-hearted harassment. Thanks to their Machine gun, the miner is capable of killing infantry and even light vehicles, including the deadly Terror Drones. Unlike the Allied Chrono Miner, their ore storage is twice as large.

While they can retaliate against any threat, they can't last too long against either heavy armored units like tanks or aerial threats. While they are tough, they can be overwhelmed fairly easily by a large number of infantry or vehicles. Since War Miners are slow, they can't outrun most units.


  • Armed.
  • Heavily armored.
  • Can crush infantry.
  • Immune to mind-control, confusion rays and hijacking.
  • Can self-repair.

  • Cannot deal with large vehicle groups due to their low attack power.
  • Vulnerable against aerial and heavy anti-armor threats.
  • Due to its slow speed, it cannot outrun most units and escape easily.


The War Miner uses the voiceset of the same unit in Red Alert 2. One quote is removed ("Making Russia strong!") due to the existence of non-Russian subfactions.

When selected

  • Building Soviet economy!
  • War Miner here.
  • We are armed!
  • Pride of the working class!

When ordered to move/return to refinery

  • Serving the cause.
  • Da, comrade General.
  • For Soviet people.
  • At once, comrade!
  • Relocating operations.

When ordered to fire

  • They pose a threat!
  • Protect the ore!
  • This will show them!
  • Take them out!
  • On the attack!

When ordered to harvest

  • Let's keep the ore moving!
  • Da, we will need that!
  • Equal share for everyone.
  • Looks like good place to mine.



  • The War Miner's design is based on its concept art intended to be the final design in Red Alert 2.

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