Thanks for choosing the best.
- A confident Warhawk pilot
The Warhawk is an attack helicopter used by the United States. It is armed to the teeth with laser weapons to damage and weaken their enemies.


The Warhawk is a lightly armored attack helicopter used by the Americans for close air support. It is outfitted with a heavy laser cannon to light infantry ablaze and slice through tank armor, as well as another laser contraption, a small target painter similar to the one used by the Mercury Satellite, which it uses to mark enemy targets that may pose a significant threat, enabling US forces to deal additional damage to these targets. The Warhawk does not carry any anti-aircraft weaponry and relies on its quick speed to evade potential threats.


The Warhawk is an assault attack helicopter utilized by US forces to deal with hostile ground units. It is available for production in the War Factory after building a Mercury Uplink.

The Warhawk has very fragile armor but is one of the fastest helicopters in the game, easily capable of outrunning most opposition. Mobile, versatile, relatively cheap (for an air unit), and decent against ground units, their roles may include assault, harassment, scouting and air superiority, especially during the early and middle phases of the game. While rather weak alone, in large numbers they can be a threatening force to be reckoned with.

However, they should avoid anti-aircraft weaponry at all costs no matter how large their numbers are. Heavy anti-air units such as Sentinels will destroy them by the dozens, and Warhawks themselves cannot fire back at other aircraft themselves. They also deal relatively poor damage against structures and base defenses.


  • In Good Old Times, an elite Warhawk is the only controllable unit for the player that starts in the 2nd position.
  • Warhawk is introduced as a buildable unit in Beautiful Mind, which can be built after the player captures the Tech Secret Lab.


  • Fast and mobile.
  • Can fire on the move.
  • Decent against ground units.
  • Target painter amplifies damage taken by enemies.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Modestly inexpensive for an aircraft.

  • No air-to-air capabilities.
  • Lightly armored.
  • Fragile, easy to kill with anti-air weapons.
  • Not very effective against heavily armored vehicles and base defenses.


The Warhawk uses part of the voiceset of the Thunderhead in Tiberian Twilight.

When selected

  • Thanks for choosing the best.
  • I'm ready.
  • It's a pretty good turnout today.
  • Gimme the biggest target you got.
  • It doesn't get any better than this.

When ordered to move

  • No problems here.
  • Got it chief.
  • Easy.
  • Hmm.. okay.
  • Okay, looking good.
  • Good idea.

When ordered to attack

  • Hey ugly, need a light?
  • Hmm.. what does this button do?
  • Cannon's already charged.
  • You'll always wanna be on this side of the laser.
  • Don't look directly into the laser.


Behind the scenes

  • In 3.0 the Warhawk is armed with concussion grenades to attack enemy structures instead of a target painter.


  • The unit's employment of laser weaponry bears resemblance to the Laser Comanche, a variant of the standard USA Comanche that was planned but scrapped during development in Generals Zero Hour.
  • Azri_Apoc is credited as the voxel artist for Warhawk.