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In an attempt to undermine the Soviet alliance and weaken their forces, Yuri's PsiCorps sends an infantry squad to sabotage China's Psychic Beacon and place the blame squarely on Russia's shoulders when their forces arrive to take it out.
- Mission description

Operation: Warranty Void is the eighth mission in the Act One Epsilon campaign.


Yuri's Message: "Proselyte, I knew there would be sacrifices that had to be made along the way. It might seem my gambit has done nothing but add corpses on top of corpses. Now, we set the stage for another graveyard. The thing about the mind, is that to my understanding, no one has researched its powers as much as I. Even I have learned along the way. While I have a gift, I found out everyone could do it, if they really knew how, and it's so easy too. For now, we can be thankful they don't understand - the PRC government only barely knows the power we gave to them. The ones who know the most, the Americans, are, to put it mildly, barely alive. Even our Soviet comrades barely understand it.

These are powers that, perhaps, Reds will never understand. It is good, because we have the next phase to work on. We need, Proselyte, to set the Comintern on fire. Only when they fight amongst each other can we pass unnoticed. That Psychic Beacon in China, it is time I think, for the ROC armies to get a taste of its power. The rebels are currently in prison camps, as we've fed flawed information to the PRC command, so they do not use them in battle. Cut power to the Beacon, and free the prisoners. Have them capture the Beacon, and the mayhem begins. The Union will come investigate eventually, and our job here will be done. Soon, it's only a matter of when the two giants will fight."

Objective 1: Repair the bridge in the village.
Objective 2: Protect the bridge until reinforcements cross it.
Objective 3: Take out power to free all rebels from mind control.
Objective 4: Capture the Psychic Beacon with a Rebels' Engineer.


Contact the rebels

Power cut

Recapture the Psychic Beacon


With Psychic Beacon's powers we're concealed the events in Xizang. I will advise Kremlin on the next course of action. The Soviets will not remain strong and united for much longer.
- Yuri's message

The successful capture of the Heizhaozhen Psychic Beacon managed to concealed the PsiCorps' involvements there. Yuri will then advise the Kremlin to deal with the beacon, and soon enough, the chains that keep the Soviet Union strong and united will break for the PsiCorps to be able to advance their insidious plans.

However, as if things could get any better, Rashidi has been captured and are taken into the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, forcing the PsiCorps to mount a rescue operation.



  • This mission features what could be the first glimpse at Libra in the campaign before Dance of Blood; as PsiCorps controlled units pass a truck, a woman asks if they are "here for the girl," and the vehicle rocks back and forth using the same effect as Libra's gravity repulsion.