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In an attempt to undermine the Soviet alliance and weaken their forces, Yuri's PsiCorps sends an infantry squad to sabotage China's Psychic Beacon and place the blame squarely on Russia's shoulders when their forces arrive to take it out.
- Mission description

Warranty Void is the eighth mission in the Act One Epsilon campaign.


Although the Proselyte felt bad for having to slaughter many people, civilians and soldiers alike, during the attack on the KI complex in Kagoshima, Japan earlier, Yuri assures him that sacrifices had to made and said that his gambit had done nothing but adding up more corpses into a pile of corpses. He also explains that he is the only one who understand psychic powers, and no one else have ventured as far as he did in their studies of it. Yuri also mentioned that actually everyone possesses latent psychic powers – if they knew, and it's so easy. The Proselyte wonders whether he has one and can use it like Yuri and the PsiCorps adepts, and glad to see that no one else, including the Chinese, and the Russians understands it – the Americans, who have much of the knowledge about it, are now struggling to survive in the brink of destruction, so they won't be a problem.

Yuri continues by saying that the Soviets will never understand about psychic powers, and they better keep it that way to continue the plan's next phase. When the Proselyte asks on what could it be, Yuri said that they must put the Comintern into a conflict to allow them to slip away without anyone knowing. The Psychic Beacon Yuri gave to China in return for supporting their operation earlier did its job well and are placing the ROC rebels under the PRC pacification. They are not used in battle, though – thanks to flawed information given by the PsiCorps. Yuri told the Proselyte that what he have to do is pretty simple: disable the power to free the rebels from the Beacon's influence and have them capture it to start the fires. If this happens, Russia will eventually investigate, the Sino-Russian alliance will eventually crumble, and it is only a matter of time before the bear and the dragon fights each other.

Quite excited on how the outcome of this operation be, the Proselyte gladly accepts and heads to China in order to break the already fragile Sino-Russian alliance.



The successful capture of the Heizhaozhen Psychic Beacon managed to concealed the PsiCorps' involvements there. Yuri will then advise the Kremlin to deal with the beacon, and soon enough, the chains that keep the Soviet Union strong and united will break for the PsiCorps to be able to advance their insidious plans.

However, as if things could get any better, Rashidi has been captured and are taken into the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, forcing the PsiCorps to mount a rescue operation.



  • This mission features what could be the first glimpse at Libra in the campaign before Dance of Blood; as PsiCorps controlled units pass a truck, a woman asks if they are "here for the girl," and the vehicle rocks back and forth using the same effect as Libra's gravity repulsion.