Fear my howl!
- Wolfhound pilot on the attack
The Wolfhound is a powerful Russian attack helicopter capable of engaging both aerial and ground targets.


The Wolfhound is a powerful airborne weapons platform capable of tackling the toughest of adversaries, whether on the ground or in the air. Once the Wolfhound has locked onto its quarry, a flurry of HE missiles or bullets from its high powered machine guns will be sure to rip its target apart. Though powerful, Wolfhounds are sluggish and will fall victim to anti-aircraft fire if caught up in it.


In spite of its official designated role, the Wolfhound is one of the few units in the game that is strong versus everything (in the case of the Wolfhound, it is weak against base defenses however). Therefore it is a common strategy for Russian commanders to build squadrons of these notorious units. The Wolfhound may not kill as fast as other tier 3 Russian units, but makes up for it in flexibility.

Although it is an aerial unit that is useful in nearly any situation, it is best sent in to escort slower Russian units (particularly Scud Launchers), as well as provide anti-air support to Russian armies. On the defensive, it is the prime Russian unit against enemy aircraft, especially anti-structure bombers such as Epsilon Basilisks. This is supported by the Wolfhound's slow speed compared to other helicopters, and since it cannot fire on the move, it will face difficulty chasing down faster opponents.

The Wolfhound is not viable against heavy anti-aircraft defenses, which forces the Russian player to use inferior flak weaponry.


  • The Wolfhound is introduced and becomes buildable in Idle Gossip, and is also usable by Epsilon forces in their respective mission Moonlight.
  • In The Conqueror, a Wolfhound is hidden under the Heart Building as an easter egg. When the Heart Building is destroyed, the Wolfhound emerges from the rubble, causing the EVA to quickly tell the Proselyte to shoot it down before realising that it is not relevant to the game's plot. During the time it takes for the Wolfhound to take off, it can be mind controlled by an Epsilon Adept and used to bypass the Black Guard and kill Alexander Romanov before the player is supposed to do so.
  • In The Mermaid, if the player destroys Ujazdów Castle or one of the Sejm buildings, or when the timer runs out, the Soviets will send in Wolfhounds to hunt for Siegfried and Tanya, essentially ending the mission in a loss since neither of these heroes can attack air.
  • In Earthrise, Wolfhounds are unavailable, due to not being adapted to the low gravity and lack of atmosphere of the Moon.


  • Versatile all-rounder which can engage air and ground targets.
  • Effective against all types of unit and structures except base defenses.
  • Can deal with heavily armored vehicles and lightly defended bases when in numbers.
  • Can self-repair.

  • Expensive.
  • Mediocre flying speed.
  • In comparison to units with similar purposes (Vulture, Warhawk, Thor Gunship, Buzzard), it cannot fire on the move.
  • Vulnerable against anti-aircraft threats, especially AA defenses.


The Wolfhound is voiced by BouncyTEM.

When selected

  • Wraith of Siberian winds!
  • Defending Russian airspace.
  • Sound of my blades!
  • Wolfhound, looking for prey.
  • This is a wild place.
  • Thunderous skies over Mother Russia!

When ordered to move

When ordered to attack with machine guns

  • Fear my howl!
  • No match for me!
  • Not bark - bite!
  • Shred them apart!
  • I've picked up their scent.

When ordered to attack with missiles (mixed with the lines above)

  • Rain down missiles!



  • The Wolfhound bears resemblances to the Ka-50/52 Russian attack helicopter.
  • The Wolfhound was the first unit in Mental Omega with a completely unique voiceset.

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