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The Wormqueen is an Epsilon stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating any of the Soviet labs and Construction Yard. It is a subterranean vehicle capable of absorbing damage from Tesla weapons and launches psionic bolts – a deadly combination of psychic and Tesla technology.

As a result, almost nothing can stand in the Wormqueen's way, especially anything equipped with Tesla weapons, as their attacks will heal it instead.

Official description

Ever since Yuri joined the Soviet army, he has taken great interest in tesla technology. The result of Nikola Tesla's marvelous work has been weaponized and used to great effect by the Soviet army ever since the Second World War, and has always been feared by Allied forces. In the early years of his work in Moscow, Yuri was focused on furthering his mind control research. However, as his technology developed and he began to understand more and more about the human mind, he realized that psychic powers can be used for more than just controlling the masses.

The Wormqueen is the combined result of psychic and tesla technology. The abilities of Yuri's enhanced psychics can be used to boost the power of even lightning itself, creating a devastating energy weapon. The lightning generated through traditional tesla coils is amplified through the use of psychic tech to give it features considered impossible, as the Wormqueen can fire multiple bolts at great ranges and can deal plenty of damage to enemy structures as well.

The Wormqueen's design is complemented by the use of drills and a sturdy design to give it the ability to travel underground, just like the Driller or the Tyrant. The turret of this tank is equipped with special coils that absorb almost any tesla energy directed at it. These unique features make it an extremely dangerous weapon to anyone on the battlefield.[1]



  • Effective against all types of unit.
  • Long range allows it to hit most ground targets and destroy them with ease.
  • Excellent for ambush tactics.
  • Heals when attacked by Tesla weapons.
  • Can travel underground and bypass natural obstacles.
  • Cannot be attacked when subterranean.
  • Automatically repairs itself.
  • Using Overcharge on Wormqueen can temporarily increase its firepower. 

  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Not very durable for its price tag.
  • Vulnerable to anti-armor weapons and mind control.
  • Slow-moving.
  • Cannot engage air units.
  • Weapon has a long recharge time.
  • Large minimum range can be exploited.
  • Cannot surface from the underwater and unexplored terrain.
  • Enemy commanders can detect and anticipate underground movements before they surface.
  • Don't have EMP effect even through their tesla bolt hit much heavier than a normal Tesla Cruiser


The Wormqueen uses the voiceset of the Medusa in Tiberian Twilight.

When selected

  • The time is upon us.
  • Their eyes will be opened.
  • I am here.
  • They will be silenced.
  • What stands in our way?
  • There is no refuge.

When ordered to move

  • A better place.
  • Rightfully so.
  • Proceed.
  • So be it.
  • We must go.
  • Quite right.
  • Let us continue.

​When ordered to attack

  • Shut them down at once!
  • Ground them.
  • That one.
  • They will learn soon enough.
  • The fool should have run.
  • Humiliate them.
  • It's our turn now!


  • Version 3.3.3 
    • Change: A.I. opponents will now build Wormqueen in Ultimate Alliance game mode.
    • Fixed: Now has the properly colored cursor when ordered to use subterranean ability.
  • Version 3.3.2 
    • Change: Now requires both the infiltration of Soviet Palace/Battle Lab/Atomheart and Construction Yard instead of any Soviet Lab alone.
  • Version 3.3.1 
    • Nerf: Damage versus buildings and heroes halved.
  • Version 3.3.0 Added.

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