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General Xiu Rong Wu (武秀荣, Wǔ Xiù Róng) is a Chinese military field commander that opposes the Soviet General during the Chinese invasion to Russia.



  • So this is where you're hiding, General? My men will crush you! Like a swarm of locusts, they descend from the sky to devour all those who stand against China! (taunting at the beginning of Dragonstorm)
  • My men are marching right through your base defenses! (taunting as his horde of infantry assault the Russian base)
  • There are many more in my army ready to sacrifice for China.
  • Soon all your men will see our boots marching over them!
  • My men will tear your tanks apart as fast as you can make them!
  • I thought nuclear missile were not allowed. This is hardly fair, General. (noticing the recently constructed Tactical Nuke Silo)
  • I do not accept this defeat, General. My men will cover my escape, and we will fight another day! *laughs* (when defeated)