Brining gun to bear.
- Zephyr
The Zephyr Artillery is an anti-armor artillery used by the Pacific Front, which can also bombard enemies across the map in conjunction with Zephyrobots.


The Zephyr Artillery is a self-propelled anti-tank artillery utilized by the Pacific Front to combat large armor columns from a safe distance. The Zephyrobot support power allows Zephyrs to target anything on the battlefield for a short while by firing at the small stationary drone deployed on the battlefield via this support power. Though a formidable foe at long range, the Zephyr is lightly armored in order to incorporate the needed targeting mechanisms. The minimum range of the weapon is another one of its weak points.


The Zephyr Artillery serves as Pacific Front's mobile anti-tank artillery, possessing great range that make it suitable for long range skirmishes. Zephyr's attack is best used against groups of enemy vehicles, taking them out from a distance before they could reach and retaliate. While its long attack range is also useful against buildings, the weapon is not very effective against infantry.

Utilizing the Zephyrobot support power allows the deployment of a Zephyrobot beacon on the battlefield, that allows commander-owned Zephyrs to fire at that designated location for a short while and perform global range bombardment. Zephyrs are recommended to operate in groups to increase the effectiveness of the Zephyrobot. For that many Zephyrs firing at the same target simultaneously, they can create quite a devastating artillery bombardment.

Being more of an artillery unit and less of a tank, the Zephyr suffers the typical weaknesses of artillery units: fairly slow moving, light armor and vulnerable to air threats. On top of this, it has a large minimum attack range. These vulnerabilities combined bestow the Zephyr with the necessity to be protected either by friendly units or a considerable amount of distance from its targets.



  • Effective against armored units.
  • Can vastly outrange most tanks from a long range.
  • Deals damage to clusters of armored vehicles in a target area.
  • Zephyrobot allows Zephyrs batteries to fire past their maximum range across the map.
  • Can crush infantry.
  • Powerful in groups.

  • Large minimum attack range.
  • Ineffective against infantry.
  • Lightly armored.
  • Vulnerable against aerial and anti-armor threats.
  • Fairly slow.
  • Fast-moving units can evade its attacks.


The Zephyr is voiced by Alex06.

When selected

  • No armor withstands my hit.
  • Cannon greased and ready to fire.
  • Adjusting turret angle.
  • Anti-tank artillery at your service.
  • Telescopic sights active.
  • Zephyr, waiting for the objective.

When ordered to move

  • Reaching out.
  • Taking position.
  • Brining gun to bear.
  • Seek the high ground.
  • Getting into range.

When ordered to attack

  • Cratered.
  • He's on radar.
  • Adjusting target vector.
  • Death from above!
  • From out of the blue.
  • Awaiting impact.


  • Azri_Apoc is credited as the voxel artist for Zephyr Artillery.