In an attempt to quickly isolate the European Alliance from any outside help, the Soviets capture an old but essential communications array. Now the Allies must go head to head against the Soviets before they are overrun by the enemy forces.
- Mission description

Zero Signal is the ninth mission of the Act One Allied campaign.


Following the successful Allied operation in Krasnodar Krai and the destruction of the Topol-M platforms stationed there, the Euro Alliance threw in their full support in the war against the Soviets.

Unfortunately the Soviets, emboldened by the destruction of most of their MIDAS warheads, dispensed with their slow, methodical, piecemeal absorption of their former Baltic and Balkan territories and commenced a brutal blitzkrieg invasion of Central Europe.

Eventually, with the aid of Chinese reinforcements, the Russian army was able to seize most of a vital communications array in the Czechoslovakian Jizera Mountains. Without it, the Euro Alliance could not communicate and coordinate with the Pacific Front forces, now that satellite communications were much less reliable.

The Allied Commander was dispatched to the location of the two remaining radar domes still in Allied hands, along with Alliance war hero Siegfried in a desperate attempt to turn back the Soviet advance and reclaim the array before the Sino-Russian force could overwhelm them.


Recapturing the Radar Domes

With a limited force, the Commander moved his forces out. His army defended the first two Radar Domes from enemy attacks before proceeding to retake the captured ones which had been claimed by the Russians. Losses were moderate, the Soviets had begun to use Scud Launchers to devastate their enemies.

Despite the bloodshed caused by the battle, the Commander retook the Domes and prepared defensive positions in order to destroy any counter-attacks by the Soviets. He kept Rocketeers on standby as well in order to intercept Scud Launchers that tried to destroy his defences from long range. He was soon sent a team of Snipers as to hold these locations, as they prove very effective against the mass infantry assaults.

Chinese reinforcements, destroying the Tactical Nuke Silo and driving Soviet forces out of the region

Let's take care of zat silo, quickly!
- Siegfried

Just when the Commander thought things couldn't get worse, Chinese units began to roll in on their positions. He had to pull his forces back for a moment in order to deal with the heavy tank columns. However, they would not prevail and the Chinese tanks were destroyed.

Giving a little bit of room to breathe, the Commander reinforced his units by building more vehicles and training more troops. After the respite, he ordered his forces to head for the Soviet base so they could stop the nuclear missile from being launched. The defences at the base were well entrenched, Tesla coils electrocuted infantry to cinders while tanks were crushed under the mass fire of Russian & Chinese units.

Eventually, the Commander was able to fight his way past the defences and destroy the Tactical Nuke Silo, preventing any launches and giving the Europeans something to sigh with relief about. With the threat lifted, he was able to rebuild his armies as well as capture some Soviet buildings to help fund his war effort. After a prolonged fight, the Russians & Chinese pulled out of the area in order to reorganize and regroup.


A victory we couldn't have dared dreamed of has happened! Not only is the tactical nuclear threat lifted off our shoulders, but communications with the Pacific Front are back as well! Now, we can finally know more about Siegfried's Project Paradox.
- Battlefield Report
With the victory at the Jizera Mountains, the Euro Alliance has successfully restored communications with the Pacific Front. Thanks to additional European units reinforcing their own positions, and the destruction of the Tactical Nuke Silo, the Soviets won't able to take Czechoslovakia...for the time being, anyway.

In the meantime, the Commander had learned about China's invasion of the Japanese home islands. He suspects that Yuri's mind control schemes had kept the truth from the Europeans in order to weaken the Allied Nations. Siegfried needed the KI Scientists in order to proceed with the Paradox Project but the last communications received was that they were hiding at the Myoshinji Temple complex in Kyoto, Japan in order to avoid the Chinese.

Allied Command tasked the Commander with an important mission: Using a working version of Einstein's Chronosphere, he would infiltrate the complex, locate and rescue the scientists and evacuate them to a Battle Tortoise in order to escape the area. Without any better options, he proceeded with his mission.