The Zorbtrotter is a specialist infantry used by the Wings of Coronia. They manipulate the air around them to not only make them amphibious, but also suffocate enemy infantry by throwing orbs of vacuum at them. They can also create a much larger vacuum sphere that also makes them more resistant to enemy fire, and can move faster with the support of Spinblades.

Zorbtrotters can be transformed into Zorbfloaters through a Nanofiber Sync.


Coronian Zorbtrotters have taken wind manipulation techniques to the extreme. It is widely believed that windflow manipulation technology was successfully miniaturized and are now used by Foehn soldiers, but within the ranks of the Epsilon Army, there is speculation that the power to control the winds are actually of a psionic nature and not by mechanical means. This would suggest that the Zorbtrotters may have been taught by Epsilon renegades to control the wind.

What’s clear is that Zorbtrotters can easily turn the air against their enemies. They can easily deny breathable air to enemy infantry by creating spheres from which oxygen is removed, directing them at enemy infantry that are in range. Zorbtrotters move within a wind orb that they control, allowing them to cross watery surfaces with ease, and they can even gain a brief speed boost from nearby Spinblades. This orb also grants them immunity to the effects of the Alanqa’s hurricane attacks. If need be, they can use their orb as a weapon by expanding its size to encompass nearby enemy infantry and creating a vacuum that literally leaves enemies breathless.


Zorbtrotters is the Wings of Coronia unique infantry available in the game. Following Wings of Coronia wind manipulation technology, these Zorbtrotters process the power to control the wind and air for both offensive and defensive purpose. Zorbtrotters is a light armored infantry arming with nothing but the ability to control wind and air. These soldier are capable of creating a vacuum sphere to throw it to an infantry suffocating them in battle. Zorbtrotters attack are highly effective against an infantry in the game Even tough infantry like Brutes cannot handle these guys. Zorbtrotters range is quite large as well as dealing splash damage making them quite effective against mass infantries. While their speed is mediocre , the can get speed boost with the support of Spinblade. Zorbtrotters wind control allow them to walk on water making them amphibious as well. Zorbtrotters create its own vacuum sphere around it allowing it to damage any infantry nearby by. They can also depoly itself to expand the sphere around it making them tougher but unable to throw vacuum sphere till it die out. Zorbtrotters are truly the master of the wind. The are immune to Foehn Alanqa’s hurricane attacks.

Unfortunately, the have a few set of drawback. Unlike most Foehn infantry, they are vulnerable to be crushed by vehicles as well as dogs and spooks. They are over specialized meaning that they can only attack infantry in the game making them useless on everything else. They are quite fragile so anti personal weapon can eliminate them quickly. The are also prone to friendly fire making them dangerous if not handle carefully.


  • Very effective against infantry.
  • Vacuum spheres deal damage to infantry groups in a small target area.
  • Long attack range.
  • Amphibious.
  • Decent speed, especially when boosted by Spinblades.
  • Can deploy to temporarily create a larger anti-infantry vacuum sphere around itself and boosting its armor.
  • Resistant to tornado.

  • Cannot attack vehicles, aircraft and structures.
  • Expensive.
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry fire.
  • Vulnerable against Dogs and Spooks.
  • May cause friendly fire.


When selected

  • Something's gonna happen.
  • I've seen them.
  • Haven't I done enough?
  • You ever wonder what's up there?
  • We gotta be careful.
  • They're out there.

When ordered to move

  • On the prowl.
  • Over there?
  • Harder to hit a moving target!
  • I believe you.
  • Exploring.

When ordered to attack

  • Violence solves everything, right?
  • Kill or be killed!
  • I knew they were dangerous!
  • Get them before they get us!
  • I'm going after them.

​When under fire

  • They're gonna get me!
  • Close encounters!
  • They're everywhere!



  • The Zorbtrotters' name seems to be a reference to zorbing, a sport where its participants rolling downhills while inside a transparent orb.

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